Ugly Lovers

My lover is ugly. He is especially ugly when mentioning all of the potential lovers and their flaws. “He’s dirty… He’s ugly… He’s stupid… He has an STD” are all disgusting phrases that spew out of his mouth like the vomit of his messed up feelings. My lover is dirty and does not use soap when he showers, he does not like getting wet, and he is mean and emotionally unstable.

When visiting my…

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Love Is A Tragedy, A Very Splendored One

Love isn’t really a many splendored thing,

It doesn’t lift us up where we belong.

Love brings us down so hard until we’re underground,

And then,

There’s nothing left of us to love.

There is only forget,

Which is a feeling that eventually overpowers love.

It just takes time,

Something that lends itself too little to truly experience “love.”

Romantic love is a joke,

Because people desert you when…

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The Way, My World

They way it feels…

My world is underwater and I am now a fish. It feels good to swim where the grass is now inundated because it kind of feels like flying. Sometimes when I move from a portion of water to another the temperature is different and it brings forth an exciting sensation to all of my skin cells. Most things feel smooth and my body is sleek. I am shining where the sun is kissing me……

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Dim Tones

Dim tones.

The feeling when a moment escapes you, or a person, or a lifestyle does something to the same effect. We expect the colors to show through strongly, but some colors are not as obviously seen. They seem to come and go and go and go again. Most times people walk out of your life before there is time to replace them and even then it is extremely difficult.

At times people are fruit…

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Color Paths

Being gray is being in between where you may move in either direction. Standing in the middle is easy access, but it is not. Access varies on the distance, the spatial constraints, and the steepness or narrowness of the path you are trying to take. The colors have a completely different meaning when looked at. However, colors are not always seen.

Let us say that it is black, does it necessarily…

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Signs You’re No Longer My Dream

Signs You’re No Longer My Dream

1. You are embarrassed at my affection because I’m the buzzing bee that provides the honey for your growth. I sweeten your body and mind and you get toothaches.

2. You pass me like the tiny ants on the side of the road. You don’t see or feel or hear me. You step on me—I’m crushed.

3. You’re one of those “cool cats” that is too cool to let go of your pride and ego. I’m a fucking doughnut and I…

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Sorry Words for Petty Lies

Sorry Words for Petty Lies

            In truth there’s always so much to say and so little that truly gets across. There’s so much hypocrisy in the words told by your closest friend and there’s the uprooting of trees that have been planted years ago when the youth is just youth. The flowers will not bloom under skies full of clouds and sleet for that is what your heart is full of. Where is the nutrition that once made me…

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you could kill a man in any of these dresses, and pretty sure no jury would convict you. those are killing-men dresses, that’s what i’m saying

get in my closet

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What if the reason we have so many negative effects from the food we eat is because we mistreat animals and in doing that, their systems flood with hormones and materials used to mistreat them that prove to be harmful to us?

Well, we already know part of it is true…


My Name is Crow

            My feathers are black like the darkness in nothingness and I belong to the times of bleak. My wings propel me through the wind as if I had no permanent home, which to me is true. Today I move Westward, tomorrow shall be down, down, down, down.…

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